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BUSD is a stablecoin issued by a Swiss company, BeTreasury Asset Management. At present, BUSD has reached a strategic partnership with overseas merchants to actively build and improve the existing ecosystem of stablecoins. In the future, we will provide more application scenarios for customers to promote the development of blockchain payment towards consensus.

BUSD is a new method of payment applications that are driven by blockchain.
  • Wallet APP
    BUSD is the very first stablecoin to develop its own mobile App.
  • 1 BUSD = 1 USD
    It is developed based on the underlying technology of blockchain with a 1:1 US dollar parity.
  • Attestable 100% Reserve Ratio
    All collateral assets are held in a custodian bank, and BUSD in circulation will never surpass USD in reserve.
  • QR code payment
    BUSD supports QR code scan for payments, receive and transfer functions for users and more.
  • Faster payment processing
    Simultaneous clearing and settlement can be realized and the time needed to reach dispute resolution and reconciliation can be reduced.
  • Lower cost
    Send your money anywhere and anytime with lower costs than traditional methods.


We have developed deep understanding and expertise in emerging technologies and help banks, payment providers, asset managers create value for their customers.

Our teams consist of recognized international experts with a significant track record in identifying and driving innovations in the financial industry and shaping the future of modern finance.

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Blockchain technology achieved through the mechanism of distributed consensus can be shared and each participant can openly audit its accounts. It does not manage and maintain reliability on a single centralized authority. It provides protection to personal privacy through the terms of anonymity when the data are all public.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence has gained enormous and substantial attention in the field of computers and has been applied in robotics, economic and political decision-making, control systems and simulation systems.


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